Day 08: Hiva Oa (Puamau)

In Puamau, travel by foot or by 4WD to the most incredible archaeological site for “tikis” (ancient, human- like religious stone sculptures) outside of Easter Island. Once you reach Mea’e Ipona, our knowledgeable guides will tell you the stories of these haunting statues of ancient times. Surrounded by beautifully lush grounds, the site is overwhelming and has a lot of what Polynesians call “mana” (spiritual power).

Only a small part of the site has been restored and most of it is still buried under massive trees and rocks.

On the way back to the ship (you may choose to walk or go by 4WD), enjoy a stop to swim at a beautiful black sand beach (depending on water conditions).

During lunch, the ship will make its way to the village of Hanaiapa.

In the afternoon, explore the quaint village of Hanaiapa that locals often refer to as the botanical garden, for its colorful flowers, and large variety of plants and trees.